Around 1 a.m. in the night Debadrita’s phone starts ringing.No sooner did she receive the call than  her heart started pumping heavily,she was having shortness of breath,her hands were trembling and she was shivering like never before.On seeing her state Argha took the phone from her and he too was astonished to hear what the person on the other side said.It was a call from the local Police Station.They found a dead body and so they called them to identify the body because Debadrita and her husband Argha had lodged a complaint about her daughter who was missing since the night before.

After reaching the Police Station and identifying that it was her daughter Snigdha, they broke down,Debadrita lost her consciousness and Argha turned a cold stone, after all Snigdha was their only child and a very pampered one too.

Debadrita gained consciousness and was now somewhat ready to face the barrage of questions coming from the police.While lodging the complaint they had said that for the past 8-10 months Snigdha would remain constantly busy over the phone and would often go out without any rhyme or reason.Debadrita never tried to encroach Snigdha’s privacy as she was a grown up girl and knew her responsibilities quite well.Moreover affluent families do not encroach into each others’ individual space.They were baffled to know that she committed suicide after eloping.Snighdha’s death  was a an unbelievable shock for Debadrita and Argha because their daughter was not a girl to commit suicide as she was quite a headstrong girl and moreover why would she kill herself when she was going to marry the person she loved.The police told them that they found her body inside a public toilet where she was lying dead dressed as a bride,which made it evident to the police that she was probably getting married that day but what was alarming and surprising at the same time was that the door of the toilet was locked from inside and there were no marks on her body to indicate any struggle or self injury.

The police started investigating the matter because of its lurking mystery and as the investigation took its progressive course things began to become more and more complicated.Meanwhile Snigdha’s body was taken for the post mortem and after the report arrived the police was surprised to know that there were traces of potassium cyanide in her body.

The trace of potassium cyanide gave this case a totally new direction because it is not possible for any lay person to get it from anywhere but now the question arose that from where did she get this poisonous stuff and why did she elope and with whom.The police were losing sleep over this case as it was taking too long to solve because they were not being able to find any clue which would help investigate the case further. While interrogating Snigdha’s parents Police got hold of Snigdha’s phone which she had left at her home probably to be untraceable.

The phone however gave some relief to the Police because they found a number with which she was in constant contact and was a regular one on her phone.The Police traced the number in the hope that it had solved the case but only to their despair did they get to know that it was another girl’s number who was found dead in the same way as Snigdha.

Police now felt as if someone had catapulted them to the same place from where they started their investigation.On enquiring about this second girl whose name was jhuma,they found that probably she was also in a relation and eloped from her home with whatever little jewellery they had.During the investigation Police got a number from her parents. This number led the police to another girl with an astonishing similar death like Snigdha and Jhuma. This way the Police found twenty two girls being killed in the same way but their cases were not reported because majority of the families had inhibitions about reporting the murders to the authorities fearing unnecessary harassment and social ostracism.

Snigdha was very pampered and loved by her parents and they always ensured to fulfil her every wish but why she did not let her parents know about this chapter of her life which made her distance herself from them was beyond their understanding.Police were having sleepless nights day after day because this case was not leading them anywhere. Every time they found a new number they felt that they were on the verge of solving the case but each time they were confronted with clueless confusion where the only lead they had was a phone number but that too did not seem to help. At last on the enquiry of the twenty secondth murder of a girl did they found a phone number which was not a girl’s number like it was in the previous cases.This number belonged to a man.All this while Police were thinking that it could be a case of same sex love(lesbianism)and revenge.But now they found a ray of hope in this sphere of total darkness.

A lot of time had passed since the police found the number which apparently belonged to a man whom they caught hold of but even after that they could not reach out to the main culprit.Prolonged tracking of this man at last led the Police to get hold of him.On interrogating him they got to know that the number belonged to his friend who had given him the sim card saying he did not require it and it was loaded with unlimited talk time and internet.The man got lured by this offer and took it.The Police came to know that the murderer they were looking for was a Policeman himself,his name was Vikran Singh.

Vikran Singh apparently seemed to be a good human being then why and how was he involved in these murders was a rattling question to the Police.A person who is supposed to be a protector turned out to be destructor was beyond imagination of those public servants.The Police started combing operations to get hold of the culprit and finally succeeded.Vikran Singh was taken in to police custody and his interrogation began.He was not a man to break down easily but the police could finally get some information out of him.This man had an abusive childhood where he was, as a kid,being physically abused and molested by his far off uncle who was a regular visitor at his house.Vikran’s father worked in a lab and after growing up Vikran developed this strong urge towards girls.He used to lure them into falling in love with him,would make them run away from their houses showing some reason or the other.In Snigdha’s case it was caste issue and that is why she had to elope because her parents would not approve of her getting married to a lower caste.

He would make these girls go head over heels about him.He would mostly target girls who belonged to not so influential families and were not well educated enough.He used to bring them to a hotel and physically use them and when his hunger would satiate he would tell them they are going to get married but before that they needed to have contraceptive pill because he did not want any issue so soon.The  poor girls,without knowing what was going to happen to them,would dress themselves as a bride with dreams of a happy household in their eyes and leave the hotel,where he would keep them,for the temple where they supposedly thought they would get married.Just before going to the temple he would take them to any local public toilet and would ask them to have the pill in which he would put potassium cyanide,without their knowledge.These girls trusted him so blindly that they never even asked him any questions.He used to get the cyanide from  his dad’s lab. Vikran Singh also admitted that he liked to physically abuse,use and kill the girls as it would give him a mental satisfaction and pleasure

The Police after knowing everything came to the conclusion that he was a psychopath and needed medical attention and hence Vikran Singh was sent to a lunatic asylum.

It is very sad that our society is built in such way that the privileged ones get more privilege and the deprived ones are more deprived.The Police,who is supposed to treat every human being equally in the eyes of law,did not do his duty properly because they mostly help or work for the ones who are either influential or the dominators of the society.The ones who are not so fortunate or are poor do not get any aid when required even from the so called protectors of law when a crime is committed against them but little do these public servants in the garb of law protectors know that their negligence towards the lower class may lead to a big damage for the creamy or upper class of the society.If the police would have taken any action on the murder of the first in the loop then they could saved the lives of the other girls who fall prey to people like Vikran Singh. 

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